Install a new motherboard in a Windows 2000/ XP system.

If you upgrade your motherboard on your Windows 2000 system or tried to move the hard drive to another computer, you may have received the following error message 'STOP: 0x0000007B INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE '. This is because the hard drive does not contain the drivers for the hard drive controller for the new motherboard.

If you are using a SCSI drive subsystem, usually you can install the target disk controller in the old system and install the drivers for the controller. You can then move the controller and the hard drive to the new system, boot, and remove the unused drivers.

For IDE systems, it is a little more complicated since the IDE hardware is usually integrated on the motherboard itself. When Windows installs, it detects the IDE controller and only installs the driver for the detected hardware. When you upgrade the motherboard or move the hard drive to a new computer, Windows will not find the correct drivers installed. This article will show you how to install the correct drivers so that you can move the hard drive.

If you are interested to find out which drive controller Windows detected, look in the file \WINNT\setupapi.log. Before you begin this procedure, please have a good backup of the current system!

1. Boot the system using the hard drive in the old system. Download the copy.reg file.

In my experience, you need to copy the whole thing even if you think you know the target driver.

2. Extract the following files from \winnt\system32\i386\driver cache\i386\ and put them into the \winnt\system32\drivers directory: atapi.sys, intelide.sys, pciide.sys, and pciidex.sys. If the directory contains other cab files for service pack 1 (SP1.CAB) or service
pack 2 (SP2.CAB), get the files from there instead so that you are using the latest files.

3. Right click the copy.reg file and select Merge to add it to your registry. Confirm all prompts.

4. Move the hard drive into the new system and reboot. You should be able to boot normally.